The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is a challenging time for everyone in Australia (and the world). There are particular challenges for small business including reduced demand or where the business has had to close indefinitely. This may be on top of the impact of the recent bushfires.

This is a guide on steps to take and where to find support.

  1. Get support from your accountant on managing the reduction in demand, including whether you need to consider closing the business

  2. Consider applying for Government grants or a Government loan

  3. Consider applying for JobKeeper to cover staff costs and if you’re are a sole trader

  4. Contact your creditors and negotiate on payments. Your creditors should be flexible about arrangements given the widespread impact of Covid-19 measures.

  5. If your creditors will not agree to your offer, refer to specific information on the Can’t Pay page on this website.

  6. Call us for advice on 1800 413 828 if you need help.