Is your business still viable?

Can your business recover?

You may need to work out whether your business is still viable. You can do this by:


Some people take advantage of natural disasters and new and old scams may become more common. There are many different scams including:

  • false billing and overpayments,

  • people pretending to be from the government, insurance companies or charities

  • Encouraging you to install malicious software on your computers

  • Online shopping scams

  • Investment scams

Remember that bushfires are traumatic. Your decision making can be compromised. Protect yourself by:

  • Shopping around for repairers

  • Checking the person is who they say they are by calling the head office, the government department, bank etc.

  • Checking with the supplier if they suddenly change bank account details

  • Checking any request for payment

  • Protecting your office data

Don’t let yourself be bullied or pressured. Don’t be afraid to say you need time to make a decision.

Call us for advice if you think a demand may be a scam.

You can report a scam to Scamwatch.

If you have been the victim of identity theft contact IDCare.