Is your business still viable?

Can your business recover?

You may need to work out whether your business is still viable. You can do this by:

Claims management​ companies

These businesses promise to help you deal with the insurance company so that you can get paid. But they will take a (large) fee to do this and it is something you can do yourself. 

Claims management companies will almost always want you to take a cash settlement up front, as this is how they get paid. But that may not be the best option for you.

To protect yourself:

  • Do not sign anything on the spot

  • Make your own insurance claim

Particular problems with insurance claims management services are:

  • If you accept a cash amount it may not cover replacement or repair costs. The claims management service will take their fee from the cash settlement.

  • If there are problems with the repairs or rebuilding, the insurance company is no longer there to help.

  • There are no qualifications, training or skill requirements for insurance claims management services and there is currently no regulation of claims handling.

Remember: there is free advice and support available to make an insurance claim. You can call us for advice on 1800 413 828.